About Us

Eureka Industries Private Limited is a well-known and pre-eminent website and company across Pakistan and around the world and has the manufacturing and market experience for 13 years. The company is a leading manufacturer, exporter, and import of quality home textiles. The company provides the best quality fabric, established in 2007 as a fabric trading business house in Karachi, Pakistan adding the best values regarding the quality of fabric and export ship. The company started its operation based on advance technical support, strong organization, and quality human resource. The fabric includes all types of home textiles started from minor to major considerations as floor coverings including carpets and rugs, sheet sets, quilt covers, towels, bedding including sheets, blankets, comforters, and pillowcases, table cloths, upholstery, mattress covers, table runners, sleeping bags, bathroom accessories, mats, kitchen linen, and kitchen accessories, terry towels, round towels, beach towel, duvet covers, and window curtains.

The company creating the best quality products that give satisfaction to customers. The main aim is to create the utmost service standard and manufacturing quality by utilization of the best available knowledge and technology. The industry contains the best stitching machines, equipped laboratories, and design sections to create the best quality portfolio in the market. As the best quality home textiles has play the important role in protecting the interior color from perishing, protect from sun glare, provide some sort of privacy, provide shields from draughts, heat in summer and prevent heat loss in winter, and absorbs more harmful noise. Eureka industries provide the optimum quality at every process stage to yield desirable products. The main process involves the basic three steps: weaving, processing, and finishing.

The type of fabric includes silk, cotton, percale, sateen, flannel, linen, polyester, microfiber, satin, silk, bamboo, organic cotton, jute, rayon, wool, and nylon. These all are printed, woven, embroidered, handmade, dyed, non-woven, and stitched.

So, this is all about the Eureka industries that positioned itself in the market and develop its name in the world of classical home textiles.